Yummy Reasons To Have Your Own Personal Pasta Machine – Mangia Pasta, Bambino (Eat Pasta, Baby)!

Have you ever went to a restaurant with your mouth set on your favorite pasta dish only to find out that either the dish is sold out, or worse, it is no longer sold there? What if the worlds supply of pasta suddenly vanished off of the planet, sucked up by mean and nasty aliens, hellbent on seeing earthlings punished for their sins of earthly neglect?  No more pasta? Perish the thought! I know, I know, isn’t the world that we live in insufferable enough? Imagine no more mouthwatering, luscious pasta dishes oozing with glistening delight, beckoning hungry mouthes to taste and see. Sauces galore, caressing both noodle and tongue, enviable tongue. Ahh…pasta, pasta, pasta, glorious pasta. Now, for the love of pasta, with all of this being said, isn’t it time to throw caution to the wind, and purchase your own personal pasta machine?  Here are some appetizing reasons:

Concoct amazing new flavors, and get the credit for them:Time to buy a pasta machine

Let’s face it. When we watch the Food Network, we all fancy ourselves as an amazing chef who hasn’t been discovered yet. We look at recipes being prepared and say to ourselves, “I can do that. That doesn’t look that difficult.” The crazy thing is that it isn’t difficult—if you have the proper tools. The secret to making delicious food is using the best ingredients, both edible and non-edible. If you want to make great pasta dishes, you will want to create your own pasta. Now unless you are God Almighty and can snap your fingers and amazingly perfect pasta appear, you will need a pasta machine. With the right pasta machine at your fingertips, you can be the amazing chef you always imagined yourself to be, creating unique flavors worthy of a spot on the Food Network. Check out recipes on the Internet for creating colorful noodles to match any holiday theme: blue and red for the Fourth of July; pink for Valentine’s Day, and red and green for Christmas. Wives, want to make sure that your hubby maintain his weight like the doctor ordered? Look for pasta recipes that are low fat, yet delish. He’ll never know the difference, and he’ll have you to thank.

Save money by cooking at home: Time to buy a pasta maker

Going out to eat can be costly, especially if the whole family is involved. Even at fast food places, a meal per person can easily range between $10 to $15 per person—let’s not even talk about going to an actual sit-down pasta restaurant. For a party of four, it is a good chance that the meal can easily be at least $50, not including drinks, dessert and tip. When you have a pasta maker in your kitchen, right at your fingertips, all you need is $20 or less for some simple ingredients like flour, milk and eggs. Take the same flour and milk, add some salt, pepper and cheese—your choice of what kind, stir slowly in a sauce pan, and Voila! Homemade yummy pasta. No tip necessary, just smiles of appreciation and full tummies.

Check this out to find out how to perfect your pasta with this tips and tricks from the experts


Luxury: Time to buy a pasta machine maker.

And by ‘luxury’, I mean the ability to be able to afford a little more luxury. After all, you will save a pretty penny by making fabulous homemade pasta dishes instead of going out into the world and paying for noodles that you have absolutely no clue what is really in them. And when you finally get the hang of creating pasta deliciousness, you can use the extra change saved to buy primo ingredients to really add some pasta-zazz to your dishes. Gourmet cheeses, farm fresh veggies, free-range grown meats and uber-riffic spices that would make angels sing. And who knows. Your pasta dishes can take you from behind the pasta machine to in front of a television camera, sharing your gifts for creating pasta masterpieces with the world. Or better yet, picture your face on millions of cans or packages allover the world. Chef Boyardee had to start somewhere, right? Or maybe you need to come up with the perfect fund raiser for your church, and the pastor has tapped you for ideas. Nothing says “show me the money” like feeding people good food for a decent price. This would be a perfect venue for you to show off the cooking skill that you picked up by experimenting with various flavors for different pasta dishes. And this would be a perfect place to get people’s opinions on your soon-to-be, could-be cooking career.

Who knew such a nominal investment in a pasta machine maker could bring about such big ideas and glorious success. Well it could, so what are you waiting for? Your pasta machine maker is waiting!

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