Atlas Pasta Machine w/Motor Set - Made in Italy

Home made pasta is a real treat.  It’s fresh and silky and the quality of taste is just amazing.  It’s just so hard to make.  Making the dough is easy, and there are hundreds of recipes out there. But rolling it out to the perfect thickness,...

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Chefs, home cooks, and entrepreneurs are always scouting the market to find the best pasta machine a company can offer. They look at the variations in style, as well as its popularity, to make sure that the quality is top class to avoid...

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Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker, Stainless Steel

  when it comes to making pasta at home you need a top quality pasta maker.  For any one that has tried to make their own pasta and failed, you will understand just how tricky it can be.  Having used many different pasta makers myself, I...

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Making pasta with an Atlas pasta machine is easy.  But when looking to buy your Atlas Machine, you have the choice between the manual machine and the motorised machine. With the manual, you turn a crank to push the pasta dough through.

With the motor, it does this for you. Is there a big difference between the two? Let’s compare the two models and see what works for you.