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The Best 150 Manual Pasta Maker

Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Review

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Out of all the pasta machines consumers have to choose from, the Atlas 150 is the best option by far.

The Atlas 150 is the highest rated, offering true quality through diverse settings and ease of use. Some of the different types of pastas you can make include fettuccini, spaghetti, flat dough sheet, and much more. It is easy to adjust the thickness of the pasta, from .3mm to 5.55mm, by using the convenient knob.

In addition to the quality of pasta produced, the Atlas 150 is extremely convenient to use and clean. You can easily make enough food for 12 people within minutes. And the best part is, you can clean it all up in even less time.

The Atlas 150 was built with a chrome plated steel body and anodized aluminum rollers and cutters. The anodized aluminum grabs the dough better because it is not a heavy metal. The Atlas 150 an overall sturdy pasta machine built with sleek materials that food can easily come off of.

Overall, the Atlas 150 is rated so highly because it produces top quality pasta without the hassle or mess. The taste is so authentic you will feel as though you stepped into Italy for some dinner.

The convenience and ease will also attract the most timid cook. The Atlas 150 is a must have for cooks and party planners who like to wow with home-made meals.

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Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Upgrade:

The Atlas Pasta Maker Motor Set

In the market, the Atlas Pasta Machine Motor is becoming a must item if you already have a pasta maker. This quality made pasta machine motor will do most of the job for you in terms of making your own pasta. All you need to do is feed the dough into the machine then using the switch button turn it on. Within a few minutes you will be able to prepare your fettuccine, linguine, spaghetti or ravioli. The Atlas Pasta Machine Motor set will help you to become an Italian chef without a drop of sweat. Aside from the fact that it is very easy to install requiring no installation brackets, this machine motor is easy to clean for proper maintenance. Is this not the answer for your pasta needs?

If you want value for your hard earned money then this atlas pasta machine motor set will guarantee it. This can help you become the envy of family and friends with the best pasta made in no time.

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The Best 180 Manual Pasta maker

The Atlas 180 Past Maker is wider than its smaller brother, the Atlas 150 Pasta Maker and has about seven more inches than the previous 150 Pasta Maker model. This is great because you can make a lot more pasta in much less time spent.

This isn’t a full sized stove, this is for people who are on the run and need a quick meal, it’s one of (possibly the best) past maker around. One of the many benefits of the Atlas 180 Pasta Maker is how sturdy the pasta maker is. It’s made from quality chrome steal which is heavy duty. It also comes with a control which will allow you to set the thickness of the pasta. If you’re looking to make Spaghetti or Fettuccine, it handles the task with ease thanks to the dual cutter.

The Atlas 180 Pasta Maker has these specially designed light alloy rollers on them known as the “wellness” rollers. The problem with a lot of pasta makers is, they start to change color once they come into contact with any source of water but not the Atlas 180 Pasta Maker. No matter how long it’s left in the water or how much water it comes into contact with, it will never change color. Another amazing feature is how it doesn’t leave a mess or filtrates on the pastry. People who hate having to clean their kitchen appliances will be reassured that this pasta maker is super easy to clean as well.

The ideal use of this pasta maker is used for spaghetti and fettuccini and it can make them in a very timely manner while producing high quality outcome. This pasta machine is relatively cheap and it will save customers money in the long run because most of these pasta machines come with a lot of useless features that nobody will ever use and they cost a fortune! You won’t have to worry about that with the Atlas 180 model because it comes with two main purposes and functions and fits just about anyone’s budget. I highly recommend this past maker as the best pasta maker in the industry.

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The Best Electric pasta machine

Why is the Imperia 220 Electric Pasta Machine the best pasta maker in the industry and what makes it so much better than manual pasta machines? Apart from being electric rather than manual, it allows for much quicker production of pasta products than it would to manually crank a wheel. While these pasta makers aren’t necessarily bad or poor quality, time is precious and if you’re on the go, you’re going to want pasta right this minute and the ability to multi-task while you’re making pasta is great!

The Imperia 220 Electric Pasta Machine is the best pasta maker because it’s a perfect ideal fit for both restaurants and in personal home use. The hardened stainless steel bodies are very easy to clean, not messy and are very durable. You can rest assured that if this pasta maker is dropped, it won’t break or stop working.

The Imperia 220 Electric Pasta Machine was specially made for flat noodle production at a fast and rapid rate making it perfect for busy chefs constantly on the go at restaurants or the impatient eater sitting at home wanting a near instant meal. The only downfall to owning the best pasta maker in the industry is that the cylinders do come separately with this particular product.

There are 10 adjustable settings on the rough dollers and you’ll be pleased to know that the bushings are self-lubricated making it seamlessly churn out pasta without stopping or resistance. This pasta maker is recommended by some of the world’s top chefs for their own restaurants and has been backed by some of the cooking experts on television as well.

If you’re looking for a do it yourself easily automated solution to making pasta, look no further than the Imperia 220 Electric Pasta Machine which can easily churn over 26 pounds of pasta in a single hour!

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Pasta Makers Are Divided Into 3 Main Categories


Manual pasta makers:

Consists of 150mm, 180mm and 220mm, these are the perfect options for cooks who have the time and effort to make authentic and delicious pasta.

These pasta machines may take more skill, but are also less expensive than the electrical and commercial pasta makers.

Examples: Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Machine, Marcato Atlas 180 Pasta Machine, CucinaPro 150 Imperia Pasta Machine, Imperia R220 Manual Pasta Machine.


Electric pasta machine:

First of all an electric pasta maker is very easy to use. It is much more convenient and hassle-free when compared to a manual pasta machine. Most electric pasta makers will mix and make pasta dough really quickly. All you would need to do is to add the ingredients, press a button, and presto your pasta dough is ready within minutes, at just the right consistency. There is no time-consuming manual mixing and kneading involved.

Electric pasta machines are a better option for people with limited time.  They have numerous advantages over manual pasta machines such as:

  1. Electric pasta machine requires minimal effort as compared to manual pasta maker.
  2. Electric pasta machine is very easy to operate and handle as the pasta maker is automatic.

The pasta will be of a much higher quality. Moreover, most electric models will cut the pastas in the sizes and thicknesses specified by the user. An electric pasta machine is ideal to produce large quantities of pasta and that is why such a machine is a must in restaurants.

Examples: Imperia 220 electric pasta machine, Imperia Pasta Presto Electric Pasta Machine

Commercial pasta machine:

These pasta machines are made with professional chefs in mind. These machines are specifically designed to produce a large amount of pasta in a short amount of time.

Examples: Commercial Pasta Extruder FMA TR95

Freshly made pasta is probably one of the best ingredients you can have to prepare a truly scrumptious meal. Rather than using ready-made pasta, you should seriously consider making it yourself by using a pasta maker. There are different types and brands available on the market.

Making your own pasta can introduce you to a whole new cooking experience. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a manual, electric, or commercial pasta maker. Regardless of the type you choose, making your own pasta can be more fun and nutritious. You’ll never look at store bought pasta the same.